Sunday, April 3, 2011

My father!

he is a fine fellow,
oh how i wish i could say so,
The tree is so-a-so hollow,
no,no,no,it cant be that low...

A dreamer, a lover, an enthusiast, a naxalite, a horny intellectual, a bleeding heart forlorn worried frenzied father, just these adjectives? No, nO, much more. A painter, a poet, a sexist, an intelligent, gentle man. A lonely, broken monster.....who thrives on the blood of waste materials and on the pernicious waters from the crevasses of the dead caves located near the end of the world. A man who gave his everything for his family and got back nothing. A man who tried when Odysseus gave up on Ithaca, a man who fought so hard he could have made Spartacus hang his head in shame.
No man ever lost like that, a glorious loser. A loser who understands what it feels to achieve, win, grab success by it's groin and grind it into power, anarchy and stability. If i had enough balls ( sadly i have none) i would have made a museum on his name, and howled out to the world to let everybody know, how god like he is really, how horrible, heartless, dominating he is and how gentle, thoughtful and artistic he is. I wish him, silently, from my ivory tower, all the best and say, Father, "salute"! 

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