Saturday, April 23, 2011


the ash fell in a disdainful way...she looked up into the stark yellow light of the cheap bulb hanging overhead. she swept the ash stains across the table n reached out again for the sodden coffee cup. three months pregnant. broke. hormones at a wreck. chocolate craving. almost roofless. a dark dark very dark room. a sparrow twittered at the window sill. cussing at it, she swept her arms across the room knifing the air consequently scaring it away. grubby dirty hair, white tee ,she swept her oily hand across her breast, leaving a mark. brows crossed ever so fiercely she peered into the newspaper, JOBS page. Looked as if she would kill it just by looking. "aaaarrggghh" - she threw away the page in utter disgust,  swept the back of her hand across her cracked lips and dragged her weary body across the room into a stinking bathroom.  Thumping her ass down on the toilet set she snatched a tattered 2003 paperback edition of Murakami - Norwegian wood from a broken wooden rack beside the fluffy pink woolen toilet seat cover. Left over touches from extravagant bygone days. Few seconds ticked by, she pushed the book back inside n completed her morning 'kriya' and almost in an involuntary way leapt out of the bathroom. She looked around in the half light...

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