Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have you ever kissed a corpse? or been raped from the ass hole several times lovingly? Contradictory, right? juxtaposition, or should you say? i have been. Ask me how. and i'll fumble like a beautiful butterfly lost in the heavenly smelling dandelion field. He is an abuser, a saviour, a Santa Claus, a rapist, a father;perfect, ingenious, a boyfriend; responsible,ever cautiously stupendously ferociously correct! Have you ever felt your nose burning, that if you flatten the palm of your hands, along with the creamy air inside, the love would slip away, too!there are so many old houses in south kolkata still, fiercely hidden by Crappy tin posters of useless redundant roll shops, courier service counters and posthumously famous confectionery graves. They are sometimes cream colored, withered, dilapidated, but wreak of love and homeliness. They are funnily shaped and put up bad competition with the new straight dead hollow rude apartments of south kolkata. You steal a glance of the new,flat'ish trams, speedily chumming its way down the road, and you feel like heaving a sigh for the big, heavy dead ones. 
Oh i was talking of being fucked! No? No. It hurts and sometimes it doesn't. You care so much at times and then again understand if your feet is stuck in muck, you have to wait to get back home to wash it off properly. Well for now, i can blame my genes, but then again, "ke sa ra sa ra, whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see, ke sa ra sa ra".......    

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