Thursday, March 24, 2011

peaceout, please?

 I did not know life was going to be so sour, grubby gravy laden and uninspiring. Covered with cobwebs and dust topped, horrifying, heart breaking, misleading, uninteresting and pebbled with agony and despair. Everybody is looking somebody but then again you fool, nobody is looking out for anybody. When you call out to someone its seems like you’re weak, looks like you a confounded foolish mess of a blob, you’re not even human. It is true that you really lose your virginity, when you lose your virginity? I don’t feel so. Dirt, mud, grim, poverty, malnutrition and rape, we have conquered, haven’t we? I write in false hope of, futile aspiration and broken dreams of seeing a more heart – “full” world. No am not, despaired about the fury and furor of the disoriented world. I am just plainly disillusioned by the illusions of the world itself.   

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