Monday, January 10, 2011 who?

the focus shifts and everything blurs. Then clears again. Then a blurry overcast background again.I miss being lonely amidst people and miss people around when  i am alone. As a grow up i grow more perverted. Though not exactly so, if you know what i mean. There is a routine which i love. I love taking notes. Cant autofocus my memory. Vision blurs. Need help. I have been dumb, careless and acid. all of which i thought i was incapable of being. Not very happy with what happened though. The jumpy me has died her carcass sometimes shivers in the cold and the baby inside the me's womb cries for milk. But i cant help them. I ran away to a daffodil field. There i see yellow merry bugs and slugs with cat heads, my head spins for carnal satisfaction while my body shies away. the blood is gone.

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