Saturday, October 23, 2010

Priya Part 11

The helpers or the care takers there kept banging open the cinema door surreptitiously in the middle of almost every other scene, and to add to that something common to all Indians people kept loudly talking into their cellphones ignoring the fact that a few present there were actually interested in the movie.And then it ended with a bang and everyone walked out most nonchalantly. i remembered how before, when we came for movies, after the final rites were completed and the movie ended with a flourish, people streamed out of the hall, the atmosphere abuzz with droning of how good or bad the movie was. Going to the movies, were back then not a daily ‘thingy’, a general unimportant two hour entertainment mode, it was a three hour sojourn we looked forward to. Back in that same hall after a matter of two to four years my heart pounded with sadness time flies.......maybe Priya and Menoka wont even exist just like Globe after a matter of time,yet  i will always be glad  that i was a part of the carnival that hi lighted cinema, not it's glitzy exteriors .

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