Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Priya Part 1

I had gone to see Anjan Dutta’s  Byomkesh Bakshi with my parents to Priya, of late. In a jolt it brought back many memories, the discreet movie trips with friends in class 8 for our first hindi rom-com. The naive bubble-bursting excitement when the trailers started and the hall darkened finally, after lengthy minutes of waiting (we reached much earlier than required), buying packets of Lays and salted popcorn with extremely hard earned pocket money (ditching random candy and puchka cravings to save up) and sniffing into the hanky while the hero heartbroken, head hung low, walked down the doomed path of rejection away from the heroine’s house. Priya then, as well as Menoka and Globe or New Empire, by whichever name you remember it, was the cinema hub. Very obviously there were no multiplexes back then, no monumental structures on top of which perched the seven hall’ed movie pandemic tent with blobs of foodies, creamies and munchies’- courts surrounding it. It was like a huge family who came for a wholesome movie experience together, they laughed and cried harmoniously and threw air punches when the bloodied hero would take down 20-30 villainous side kicks all once with sheer power of his  jawani and deewangi ki aag. The first time also glistened in my mind, when after stepping into the last school years, we walked into Menoka hand in hand with our respective first boyfriends ,on a double date. Back then it was still more about the movie than us. But having visited the senile Priya after a decade i was needless to say, very saddened. Most of the hall was in a state of comfortable, decided disarray. The floor of the hall was littered in a utterly organised with empty packets of chips,bits of pocorn pepsi sprayed in small puddles,

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