Monday, August 22, 2011

Love Trilogies. PART III.

You…you were a fire cracker and I the single matchstick. The flame, fire and the wretched desire. It brought me tumbling down, leaving scratches, bruises and the deepest gash which will never heal forever. I lie on the ground with my head and heart mangled. I want to run like the silent, invisible bout of wind touching you everywhere, leaving a red stone in your heart. A part of me in a part of you. It will burn deep with a glow if m happy and burst into a thousand shattered itsy bitsy pieces inside your heart. Then I’d stand and see the blood flow, your blood. Then, I’d like to taste it. Touch, it and embrace it in my womb n let in seep in deep. I want you, and noone else, never. Not even if you don’t want that. I don’t care any more.

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