Friday, June 10, 2011

Focus,Focus & Gone!

Just as you cant pull strings out of needles easily life doesnt work that easily. Oh. And i was about to die today though. Almost. But i have certainly discovered human beings, do not, do not and cannot adjust with ideal situations in life. They yearn, crave, beg, kill, borrow, steal, murder, rape, but eventually as they achieve something even minutely perfect, utopic, ideal in a person, situation or job ideal they scrape out of it with their  nails dug firmly into the rotten ground, pull, haul and wrench themselves out of the deal and announce that they have suddenly attained freedom! I am FREE, I am FREE! hell no! you are not. You are stuck you sick idiot! and you shall never be free! Understand? No. They, dont, wont and will never. Its like as Sarnath Banerjee said- gelusil is the omnipresent medicine for some, some blood, bone and lung, breast bearing creature will never understand life isnt about the ideal but the breath, your breath and how well you draw it.

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