Thursday, November 11, 2010

if i had a butterfly , on my head, i'd call myself the bright green electric light . Dont ask me if am just a bulb or a long pensive tube or a environment friendly power saving gen y bulb either. am laid back so most prolly i wont be. but id still love chocolates, dream of becoming the best ballet dancer in the whole wide neverland and still pee a li'l bit when i sneezed very hard. whenever nowadays i sit to write i fear, fear of being seen , fear of being grabbed from behind, caught unawares . It never happens though. all is left is sticky mushy gooey feel of the dirt and sweat. it's sometimes that when i meet new people i search for new features. really! new sort of teeth, new wave in the mustache , new curves of the lips, new sink of the cheek when they smile or cry or make grumpy faces. They mostly dont like me, as i think i dont smile,talk and shout properly enough. i almost dont care enough anymore,although it would be damn nice if jamai liked me,i would smell his hair and tell him to make double bubble joints! 

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